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Upcoming events

September 11, Rolling Ridge art show

September 21 Demo  with Tom Gill

Andover Artists Guild


Mission Statement

The mission of the organization shall be to promote and advance art and the arts in all forms through exhibitions of its members works, lectures, art demonstrations, scholarships, awards and other educational programs. 

About the Guild 

Andovers Artists Guild was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1970 with an initial membership of 9 members. It included artists and craftspeople. They were Beth Myzewiski, David Sullivan, Howell Stillman, Helen Collins Dooley, May Robbins, Grace Jamison, Miriam Aubry, Mary Stillman.  Since then, it has grown to more than 90 active members. 

One of AAG first big show was held in a barn in North Andover with paintings, weaving and pottery on exhibit and for sale.  Every September and for the past 40 plus years hundreds of visitors come to Andover's Park to view the outstanding exibits at our outdoor art festival.   Art in the Park is our major fund raiser for scholarships.

The membership not only includes artists/arts patrons from Andover and North Andover, but also artists/arts patrons from surrounding towns as well as New Hampshire and Maine.


 Serving The Community 

Each year in May, the guild awards a scholarship to a group of selected graduating seniors from various high schools in the Merrimack Valley,  as well as to children of members in good standing.  The scholarship is awarded to selected seniors who will be continuing their education in art either at college or in art school.

This year 2012/ Sarah Bliasi from A Matthew Emmons from North Andover, High School, North Andover, MA.

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